The 53rd NJ Ad Club Jersey Awards was held on September 29, 2021 at The Grove, in Cedar Grove, NJ

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Erbach Communications Group
Best of Show Honors

The 53rd Annual NJ Ad Club Jersey Awards successfully moved forward as an in-person event this year.  Chaired again by Gary Denburg, the event was as exciting as ever.  It was wonderful experiencing it with colleagues and friends we hadn’t seen in almost two years.  Herb Barry, Interstate Outdoor and Maryann Morgan, Magic 98.3 WMGQ, co-emceed and presented 161 trophies and Awards of Excellence to corporations, agencies, designers and non-profit groups with style and humor.

A new Online Entry and Judging Platform was introduced this year.  Developed by RQ Awards, out of Mississauga, ON Canada, it was a much easier way to both submit and judge the entries.  It also allowed us to tap great marketing and advertising professionals from not only the tri-sate area, but throughout the US as additional judges.  They selected all of the First Place, Second Place, Awards of Excellence, Best in Category and Best of Show awards. 

A special thanks to Eric Ortiz, O2 Advertising, for providing the graphics, web pages, email blasts, billboard designs and PPT for the awards ceremony.  To Pat Hanley, always a debt of gratitude for going above and beyond and for embracing the new technologies that allowed us to produce the celebration. 

The Jersey Awards committee included Herb Barry, Interstate Outdoor; Grace DePaola, Marketing/Advertising Consultant; Ed Efchak, Customers by Design; Nancy Fischer, NCF Design; Robin Kantor, Newark Trade Digital Graphics; Anthony Oade, Stream Companies; Eric Ortiz, O2 Advertising; Allegra Sandelli, Marketing Consultant; Sandra Schler, Non-Profit Consultant; Rob Schnapp, Coyne PR; and Gary Denburg, GarDen Printing.

The Second Annual, Outfront Edge Award, was presented by OUTFRONT Media, a major sponsor of the NJ Ad Club to Spitball “For Most Cutting Edge Creativity” Congratulations to their outstanding team!

And The Winners Are:

Best of Show honors went to Erbach Communications Group, as well as Best of Video for Benedict’s Hate’s A Quitter.  They also won, 1 first-place and 1 second-place trophy.  As Best of Show winner, they took home a special one-of-a- kind crystal trophy.

Coyne PR won both Best of TV for Worldwide Headquarters of Play (The Toy Association) and Best of Public Relations for Etch A Sketch Shakes Up a Celebration of 60 Years (Etch A Sketch).  They won a total of 10 awards, including 4 first-place and 3 second-place trophies. 

Spitball won both Best of Digital Media for The Art of Spice (De La Vuida) and Best of Collateral for The Art of Spice (De La Vuida).  They won a total of 11 awards, including 7 first-place and 2 second-place trophies

Best of Magazine was given to Turchette for Sweetners and Substance (Malt Products Corporation).  They won a total of 19 awards, including 8 first-place and 6 second-place trophies.

Best of Newspaper went to SmithGifford for Newspaper Spadeas.  They won a total of 13 awards, including 4 first-place and 5 second-place trophies.

Best of Out-of-Home went to Outfront Media for Wood Cabinet Factory (Wood Cabinet Factory).  They won a total of 9 awards, including 2 first-place and 4 second-place trophies.

Best of Social Media went to Revolution Digital for Free the Party (The Original Gummy FunMix).  They won a total of 6 awards, including 3 first-place and 2 second-place trophies. 

Best in Radio went to WJRZ-FM Beasley Media Group for Who’s Your Guy? (My Guy Plumbing).  They won a total of 3 awards, including 2 first-place trophies.

High award totals were amassed by Kraus Marketing with 16 awards, including 5 first-place trophies and 4 second-place trophies; The Partnership for A Drug Free NJ with 12 awards, including 7 first-place and 4 second-place trophies; Oxford Communications with 10 awards, including 4 first-place and 4 second-place trophies.

Nine awards went to: Rizco (2 first & 3 second); The S3 Agency (5 first & 3 second); and Smith Design (3 first & 5 second).

Eight awards went to Bonavita Design LLC (4 first-place and 1second-place).

Six awards went home with both Grey Sky Films (3 first & 1 second) and Newark Trade Digital Graphics (2 first & 2 second).

Five awards went home with three companies: Giovatto Agency (3 first); Sound Imagination (3 first & 1 second); CMA (2 second). 

Four awards went to: Dark Horse Design (1 first & 1 second); NJ Advance Media (2 second); DSM (1 first & 1 second) and William Paterson University (1 first & 2 second).

Three Awards were granted to O2 Advertising (1 first & 1 second).

Two Awards were bestowed upon: Costello Creative Group (1 first & 1 Second); Screaming Garlic, LLC (1 second); and Wizdom Media NJ, LLC (1 second).

One First Place Award went to: Aberson Narotzky & White, Imbue Creative, Montclair State University, Rapunzel Creative, Single Throw Marketing, and Westminster Management.

One Second Place Award went home with the following: Finite Visual, LevLane, Lyon Creatives, R&J Strategic Communications, Rocket Science Web, and SGW Integrated Marketing.

Two Award of Excellence went to Harrison/Rand.

One Award of Excellence went to: amplify, Delia Associates, and Positive Solutions.


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